The successful ones

During the second and third year of high school, I was fortunate enough to have Mr. Marinos Papadopoulos by my side who with his undivided attention and support guided me through the difficult task of preparing myself for the national examinations. As a teacher of mathematics, he has been able to transmit all his knowledge as well as help me keep my composure, two essential elements which are the key in order to succeed in such a test. What sets him apart, however, is the fact that he managed to convert the standard mathematics lessons into poetry of logical ideas, as Einstein himself characterized mathematics.

Zoumpoulidi Marilena – Department of Physics, School of Natural Sciences, University of Patras 2019

I was fortunate enough to work with Mr. Papadopoulo. In addition to his excellent knowledge and pioneering methods in the teaching of mathematics, he has been a tireless counselor throughout this difficult year.

Skiadas Anastasis – Mechanical Engineer at National Technical University of Athens 2018

Mr. Papadopoulos Marinos uses multiple methods, such as technology, to help the student understand Maths. It is important in this ever-evolving generation to follow an equally evolving, progressive and active teacher. These and so many other attributes have been evident in the last 5 years of my student experience with professor Mr. Marinos Papadopoulos, both in high school and in my preparation for the IB exams. Thank you for everything.

Aspasia Vrouva – Fine Arts, Loughborough University 2018

I started having lessons with Mr. Papadopoulos Marino three years ago. From the outset, it was evident that he was extremely good at his profession. But I learned the real Mr. Marino last year while preparing for the final exams. His persistence, patience, faith in his students as well as his knowledge make you strive to achieve your goal, which at first sounds impossible to a high school kid. Without him, I would never have understood the way maths work!

Potamiti Olga – Economics at Athens University of Economics and Business 2018

Mr. Papadopoulos is a very good mathematician who has helped me a lot in the field of mathematics, which I found very difficult. He is an innovative teacher with new methods and a real interest in improvement. He helps the student in every way possible and with constant practice. I would highly recommend him.

Evgenia Mitsopoulou – Graphic design at Technological Educational Institute of Athens, 2018

I would like to begin by saying how fortunate I am to have had Mr. Papadopoulo as a professor in high school. He was the only professor who made me love mathematics through his transmissibility. My preparation for the final exams could not have been done by a more competent teacher. With his psychological support, he not only helped me to find the strength to study but also to believe in myself. In this way, I managed to enter the university of my first preference. I couldn’t have done it without his help and support.

Eleanna Trifilli – Department of Banking and Financial Management at University of Piraeus 2018

I started with Mr. Papadopoulo Marino in the second year of high school. What Mr. Papadopoulos is characterized by, is his transmissibility and his expertise while his teaching methods made the lesson enjoyable and interesting. At the same time, the psychological support he provided his students with, during the difficult period of the Greek national exams, played a decisive role in the outcome (19.6/20).

Dasi Fani – Chemical Engineering at National Technical University of Athens, 2017

I met Mr. Papadopoulo Marino in the first year of high school, and three years later, thanks to his help, I was able to attend the University of my first choice. He is an excellent teacher who has endless preparation material and who cares greatly  about his students.

Mavridi Konstantina – Business Administration at Athens University of Economics and Business, 2017

Mr. Papadopoulos Marinos is a very good teacher, he stands by his students, aiming to instill as much knowledge as possible and constantly support them in the difficult Pan-Hellenic exams. He is by your side and this gives you the strength to continue. His lessons are so enjoyable that you actually do not realize how quickly time goes by! I am truly indebted to him because without his help I wouldn’t have succeeded.

Karpetas Stratos – Mechanical engineering at National Technical University of Athens, 2016

Let me start by stressing how lucky I was to have Mr. Marino as my Math teacher the previous years. His persistence, advice, guidance, and his well-written books helped me understand math in which I was extremely weak. What struck me most is that Mr. Marinos is actively involved, giving 200% of his potential. Personally, I think his help and support in high school was vital and I thank him for that.

Vasiliadis Vasilis – Economics at University of Patras, 2016

The lesson with Mr. Papadopoulos is a truly unique educational experience. What excites me most is both his well-written and easily-understood books and his extraordinary interest in the progress of each student individually. His communicability, as well as the psychological support he has given me, have undoubtedly made him one of the most competent teachers I have ever met. His constant support had helped me greatly throughout the difficult period of the Panhellenic exams and had been the key factor in achieving my goals. I feel he taught me not just math but also helped me see life from a different perspective.

Damaskos Konstantinos – Medical School of Athens at Athens University, 2014

I started with Mr. Marino in the middle of the school year, since the work I had done with the previous teacher did not satisfy me. From the first lesson, I felt a sense of confidence and self-esteem which I hadn’t felt up until then in that particular lesson. All my worries started to fade through his teaching! But what really stood out to me is the fact that I was actually looking forward to the upcoming lessons! Mr. Marino’s help was valuable and surely things would be different without him!

Kagias Dimitris – Maritime Studies at University of Piraeus, 2014

Three wonderful years with Mr. Marino, three years that made me love math, three years that I was looking forward to our lesson as it was an interesting educational experience !!! Impressive is his consistency, the organization of the books and how easy and comprehensible he makes mathematics appear through his teaching !!! Impressive is also the psychological support he offered at all times in the third year of high school which was exactly what I needed!!!! He was constantly by my side, always interested in my progress and helping me to fulfil to my dream !!!!! I am truly indebted to him for sharing his knowledge and for his valuable support! Such good teachers are hard to come by and Mr. Marinos is one of those few !!!!

Mastrokosta Elpida – Department of Preschool Education at University of Crete, 2014

Mr. Marinos helped me understand math and enter the university of my choice. He is also a very pleasant person so the lesson is enjoyable and not repressive at all!

Kasionis Ioannis – Computer Science at University of Crete, 2014