Years of previous experience

In junior and senior high school students as well as students interested in obtaining the IB Diploma

Maximize your performance

Through the unique teaching method customized to the individual needs of each student


With material focusing on the exams of each educational level for the best guidance


My name is Papadopoulos Marinos and I have a bachelor degree in Mathematics from the University of Athens and also hold a Master of Science degree in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Education.

From 2004 to 2016 I taught mathematics to junior and senior high school students. Since 2015 I maintain the e-platform providing e-material (personal notes and videos) for all the classes in high school. Since 2018 I have been teaching students interested in sitting the IB Exams at Geitonas School and in 2022 I became head of Mathematics for the IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme).

The many years of previous experience along with continuous attendance of several 9-month seminars from the University of Athens, such as learning difficulties, educational psychology, and motivation for productive teaching, guarantee your success in the final exams. This is also achieved through the unique teaching method customized to the individual needs of each student and through the exam-oriented educational material which is available on the e-platform.

Finally, from the students’ comments below, it is evident that in order to fulfill your goals you don’t only need studying but also the proper guidance.



Mr. Papadopoulos is a capable and a truly devoted professional to every aspect of his craft. His academic experience combined with his optimistic way of perceiving and interpreting spot-on solutions to any impediment the student might face, really boost up the latter’s motivation to grow intrinsically and academically. Our collaboration started in June 2021 and ended in May 2022. During this time Mr. Papadopoulos agreed to help me with my International Baccalaureate exams. Back then I despised Mathematics, and I can assure you that in May 2022 this course from being the most hated became the most fun, all thanks to him.

Dimitris Lountzis 6 in maths ΑΙ, 2022

Through his lessons and his best teaching methodology, my math improved significantly over the course of 2 years. He gave many different exercises of his own which not only made the lessons interesting but also made it easy to understand. He not only encouraged me on every step but made me confident through his lessons. He is indeed an excellent teacher and a good guide too.

Iasonas Katsampas, King’s College London, Biochemistry, 7 in Maths ΑΙ, 2021

Thank you doesn’t adequately express my gratitude for Mr. Marinos’s lessons. An unbelievable experience that in the end not only made me think of Mr. Marinos as an excellent teacher, but with his support through the preparation for the national exams, I came to realize that he is also a great mentor.

Konstantinos Vasilopoulos, AUEB Business 17/20 in Maths, 2021

During the second and third year of high school, I was fortunate enough to have Mr. Marinos Papadopoulos by my side who with his undivided attention and support guided me through the difficult task of preparing myself for the national examinations. As a teacher of mathematics, he has been able to transmit all his knowledge as well as help me keep my composure, two essential elements which are the key in order to succeed in such a test. What sets him apart, however, is the fact that he managed to convert the standard mathematics lessons into poetry of logical ideas, as Einstein himself characterized mathematics.

Zoumpoulidi Marilena – Department of Physics, School of Natural Sciences, University of Patras 2019

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