About us…

My name is Papadopoulos Marinos and I have a bachelor degree in Mathematics from the University of Athens and also hold a Master of Science degree in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Education.

At the same time, I have specialized in learning difficultieseducational psychology, and motivation for productive teaching, through 9-month seminars at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Finally, I hold a certificate in ECPE (Proficiency in English) and a Delf A1 en langue Francaise.

Since 2004 I have been involved in education, teaching high school students.

Until 2013 I worked at the “The Lesson” Secondary Education Center as a mathematics teacher.

In 2013 I was a co-founder of Secondary Education Tutorial “Educational Care” with a wide range of responsibilities. By 2016, when I left the company, I was a study advisor and a mathematics teacher in all high school classes.

Since 2015 I maintain the educational platform mathacademy.gr by providing electronic material (personal notes and videos) for all the Junior High School classes, and from 2018 I teach students interested in IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma exams at GEITONAS School.

Having successfully attended the “Voluntary Action for Risk Management” program organized by the Ministry of Education and the General Secretariat for Adult Education, I hold the position of Vice President of the team of Volunteerism of the Municipality of Metamorfosi, offering social work.

In addition, I was a member of the Greek mission at GBI (Cycle for Charity) cycling from Gothenburg to Hamburg (2018) and from Milan to Munich (2019) with the aim of raising money for SOS Children’s Villages while also actively involved in sports in Triathlon races (Ironman).

Finally, I hold a license for Professional  Lifeguard (ENAK – EN779A1778), River Rescuer, speedboat pilot (14043/06) and in Sailing (POIATH – 156/32).

About the Academy

Through the MathAcademy we anticipate to help the student to overcome their fear of Math.

Why choose us

•             Many years of teaching experience in all levels.

•             Free tutorial materials (Notes & Videos).

•             Tests on a weekly basis.

•             Mock exams on a regular basis.

•             Daily communication with students.