Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I become a member?

Easily, simply subscribe using an active email address, a username and a password. Then, you will receive a confirmation mail in which there will be questions in order to place you in the right class level so as to be able to download the relevant notes & videos]

How can I contact you?

Through email at  or by calling 2106215714.

If I have any inquiries concerning a lesson can I contact you directly?

Of course, through the specially designed “Question Boxes”, in which you write your question and you get an immediate answer.

Why choose the MathAcademy e-platform?

The advantages of  MathAcademy e-platform are:

1.Online notes & videos for each lesson.

2. Interactive lessons with test quizzes.

3. Quick response to your inquiries.

Can the Mathacademy e-platform help in Math without having to an attend after school lesson or a private lesson?

The help that the mathacademy e-platform provides is a complete e-learning program for all high school students.

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